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Do you need an employment lawyer in Los Angeles?

Have you been unfairly treated or have an issue regarding pay? You may want to file an unpaid overtime lawsuit to get the pay you are owed.

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We have experts in the following areas:

  • Labor law attorney

    • We have experts who understand the labor laws in California and can give you a free consultation
  • Unpaid overtime attorney

    • Got issues with unpaid overtime or wage and hour pay? You may consider an unpaid overtime lawsuit to get what you are owed
  • Employment lawyers

    • We cover all areas of employment law. If you have been discriminated against or feel you have had employment discrimination contact us today.
  • Wrongful termination lawyers

    • Your employer must have just cause to terminate your employment. Our workplace lawyers know if your employer has followed the law when they terminated your job. Ask us for our advice now.

Contact us today if you need assistance with loss of pay and require the expert help of an Employment Lawyer in Los Angeles.

Useful Information About Los Angeles:

The city of Los Angeles has nearly a quarter of a million businesses and is known as the entrepreneurial center of the world.  The region also has the highest amount of companies owned by women in the United States.   Over 100 hotels have been built in the area and there are five busy airports. 

Los Angeles is very well known for its famed Hollywood sign, which was originally displayed as “Hollywood Land” in 1923 to advertise real estate.  With well-known locations such as Hollywood Boulevard and Beverly Hills, it is no wonder that this city is the number one destination for people to move to when pursuing their acting careers.  This is why Los Angeles also has the nickname of “Dream City” or “The City of Angels”.

This bustling metropolis is the world’s center of show business and the film industry.  The L.A. Film Festival hosts over 200 events each year.  Every day numerous films are shot in the streets and many renowned movies have been filmed there, such as Rebel without a Cause, Grease and Terminator Genisys.  A trip to Los Angeles wouldn’t be complete without a little celebrity spotting and many prominent stars such as Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Nicolas Cage and Renee Zellweger own celebrity homes in nearby neighborhoods.   There are also bus tours that will take you on a trip of Beverly Hills and Hollywood, where you can see where the rich and famous reside!  If you want to experience your favorite movies up close and personal, Universal Studios in Hollywood is a great place to visit.  With thrilling rides, theme park shows and a working film studio, you are certain to have a unique and exciting family day out.

The tallest building in Los Angeles is the 73 story U.S. Bank Tower which is 310 meters high and is the 11th tallest building in the United States.  There are over 105 museums and 200 theaters in the city and it also boasts a lighthouse, which has a distinctive green light.  The J. Paul Getty museum displays paintings, drawings and internationally acclaimed artwork and is a widely held destination for art lovers, when visiting L.A.

Los Angeles has a very diverse population and is home to residents from over 140 countries, speaking around 220 different languages.  A high number of Mexicans live locally and Latin Americans make nearly 50% of the city’s population.  Many people come to the area to start a new life or to take on a different job, and there are several notable companies based in L.A. including 20th Television, CBS Television Studios and Atlantic Records.

If you find yourself needing help with any employment law issue, such as unpaid overtime or harassment, contact us now. Our expert and friendly lawyers will provide you with swift and effective solutions and will help guide you through any employment law issue that you may have whilst working or visiting Los Angeles.

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