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Expert Employment Lawyers – Orange County

If you are searching for an employment lawyer in Orange County we can help you. Call us now and you can talk to a skilled and experienced staff who will gladly assist you with your specific case. Our company has experienced labor law attorney’s ready to help with your issues. It is very important to get the best legal representation lawyer so you can claim back what you are rightfully owed.

If you been treated unfairly, have unpaid overtime, been discrimination against or had any employment issues at work we know the law and can help you with your claim.

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Our expert employment lawyers can file an unpaid overtime lawsuit to get the pay you are owed. Wage and hour claims are very common in California as the minimum wage and overtime times rules change often. Employers need to know the laws and pay their staff accordingly or they may face legal issues with a labor lawyer.

Our Employment Lawyer Can Give You a Free Consultation For:

  • Workplace Issues
    • We understand the labor laws in California and have the right lawyer to give you a free consultation. Labor law is constantly changing in California and our legal employment experts know what the laws are and can give you a quick response.
    • Employment law in California is our specialty and we have a highly experienced team to help you with your case.
  • Wage Violations
    • Got issues with unpaid overtime or wage and hour pay? You may consider an unpaid overtime lawsuit to get what you are owed. We have a skilled and experienced overtime lawyer to help you with your case.
    • If you are in paid employment and you aren’t getting time and a half for every hour worked over 8 hours in one day you can file a claim. It can be frustrating if your employment situation has gone bad and you still have unpaid overtime.
  • Discrimination
    • Our company covers all areas of employment law. If you have been discriminated against or feel you have had been treated unfair contact us today. We know the laws and can get you what you are owed.
    • Employment discrimination can lead to loss of wages and we can help recover your income. Discrimination is a very common legal issue we deal with so if you feel you have been unfairly treated we know how to help.
  • Wrongful termination
    • Your employer must have just cause to terminate your employment. Our labor lawyers know if your employer has followed the law when they terminated your job. Speak to our wrongful termination lawyer for advice now.
    • There are many reasons why you may have been wrongfully terminated in your employment. We deal with clients who have become pregnant, been racially discriminated against, had gender discrimination and lost their employment. This is a legal issue we deal with often in California and it is against the law to terminate employment because of these issues.
  • Employment Law
      • Our Orange County employment lawyers service all areas and are based in Fountain Valley. For a professional labor law attorney contact us today to see if we can help you with your legal requirements.

    If you need an attorney for harassment, loss of pay, unpaid overtime or with a breach of contract we can get results. It can be very concerning when you are faced with the prospect of losing a job and lack of earnings.

    We provide our customers with a free confidential consultation for your case

    This is where Expert Employment Lawyers can make a favorable difference to your case. Our professional and knowledgeable employment attorney’s will provide effective counsel and advice, giving you the reassurance that they will continually strive for the most optimal result with regards to your claim.
    As soon as you have any type of employment law issue please ring our top lawyer straight away. We will be happy to speak to you with regards to your case and you can talk to an experienced attorney who will help bring you peace of mind.

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    We have experienced Orange County employment lawyers who can help you with your claim.

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