Below is a list of 8 famous people with law degrees. Most of them you wouldn’t have guessed they have a law degree. None of them are currently practicing as attorneys. Enjoy the list and if you find this interesting please share on social media.
Celebrities with law degrees

#1 Steve Young – Professional Athlete

Steve was a hall of fame professional NFL player with the San Francisco 49ers. Bored with being a backup quarterback to the legendary Joe Montana Steve decided to complete a law degree in his spare time.
“I’d finish the Super Bowl, and literally the next day, I’d be in class a month late. Then I’d have to sprint to catch up. I think the professors kind of relished punishing me for that.”

#2 Rebel Wilson – Actress

Rebel attended the University of Sydney in and graduated in 2009. In an interview to Glamour magazine Rebel said, “People are always surprised that a girl who looks so stupid is a qualified lawyer. I still don’t have a lawyer here in America yet, so I read all my contracts and negotiate my own deals.”

#3 John Cleese – Actor

“If I had not gone into Monty Python, I probably would have stuck to my original plan to graduate and become a chartered accountant, perhaps a barrister lawyer, and gotten a nice house in the suburbs, with a nice wife and kids, and gotten a country club membership, and then I would have killed myself.”

#4 Gerard Butler – Actor

“I wasn’t going to be an actor. I was going to be a lawyer … There was something else at work, something I didn’t have control of. If I hadn’t [messed] up that job, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now. I might be a very mediocre lawyer in some small town in the middle of Scotland.”

#5 Armin van Buuren – DJ

“I’m very grateful I went to school to study law, particularly tax law, which really is interesting to me and very useful to me now with my position. Music, however, will always be my number one passion; I like how it connects everyone.”

#6 Nelson Mandela – President of South Africa

While incarcerated, Nelson Mandela was able to earn a Bachelor of Law degree through a University of London correspondence program.
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

#7Jerry Springer – Talk Show Host

Jerry Springer is British-American host of “The Jerry Springer Show,” a violent, confrontational, infamous television talk show. He was also journalist, lawyer and politician.

#8 Fidel Castro – Political Dictator

Fidel Castro was a young Cuban lawyer when he decided to begin an armed struggle against dictator Fulgencio Batista in 1953. He failed at the time and was nearly killed, but lived to lead a second and successful rebellion. Those who hoped that Castro would become a democratic reformer, however, were disappointed when he instead became the hemisphere’s longest-serving dictator.

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