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Fountain Valley Information:

Fountain Valley originally got its name due to the fact that it rests on a very high water table. Before this name, the city was referred to as Talbert which means Gospel swamps. The residents gave the city that name because at the time it was filled with swamps, and still is for the most part.

Fountain valley is a suburban city in Orange County that is in the state of California. It has a population of about 55,000 people Labor lawyer attorneyaccording to the census of 2010 and spans an approximate 300,000 acres (1200 square km). Through the years it has had a very rich and colorful history under the control of Mexico and Spain.


Originally Fountain Valley was inhabited by the Tonga people who are European. And the first person who migrated to this land was a gentleman named Manuel Nieto, who was given this land by Ranchos Los Nietos.

The early settlers who first came to this land cultivated the land, built drainage canals and made the land usable for agriculture. This meant that a lot of farming began and the people grew crops like beans, wheat and barley. For the most part they were small scale farmers because there were no companies to bring in large scale farming, and most of the food planted was only for family consumption. This went about until the 1960s.

In 1961 settlers who had big portions of lands started selling off their lands to people who were constructing house. Large scale housing contracts accelerated into the city. With the population increasing, and the city expanding, James Kanno was elected mayor of Fountain Valley. James Kanno was a Japanese-American from the United States.

In 1975 the fall of Saigon came to be and because of this a lot of Vietnamese refugees came and settled into the valley and formed a large percentage of the Asian Americans who lived in the city.


Fountain Valley is located southwest of the San Diego freeway and is surrounded by the Huntington beach on the south and west. The United States census bureau confirms that the city has a total area of 23.4 square kilometers in which 0.14% is water.


Since 1960 fountain valley has really grown and became one of the best cities in California, unlike other communities this city did not have to do the catch up because its establishment began as early as 1960s.

The city has two lakes, playing fields, picnic areas, and 20 acres of land planted with California native plants. There is also 55 acres of land dedicated to recreation spots like tennis, basketball and gymnasiums. It is also home of the Anaheim Angles.

The city has sanitation district administration, which is the largest in western United States. It’s also a home to the offices of the Municipal Water District, where as the Orange County Water District manages the groundwater in central and northern Orange County. This is the world largest purification groundwater recharge.

As we proceed into the bright future that the city has built over the past 50 years, building this foundation has brought stability onto the city residents, which has created a positive vision for the 21 century.


Most of the city residents commute to other cities to work there, however in the early years most residents were farmers, and other built houses so there was no need to commute rather work within the city, and too there were commercial jobs in the center.

Although many people drifted into looking for jobs, others have remained farmers until this date and are still cultivating their lands, the few that remain are now majoring on growing small crops like strawberries. With the help of the government and the mayor office the farmers now are being uplifted into large scale farming so as to export the crops to other countries by this they generate good taxes and bring amazing economy to the city. The commercial growth can evidently be seen by the busy traffic on the San Diego free way.


This field of work is very important to Fountain Valley as it goes hand in hand with the economy and growth of the city as Hyundai has a large manufacturing plant here. In Fountain Valley, all the major roads are beautiful and well maintained, there is also railways station and an airport. Most workers who commute to other cities majorly use the San Diego free way and most of those roads are also equipped with pedestrian pass and bicycle lanes because most of the residents prefer cycling to using bus lanes or personal cars.


The city always holds a summer festival in the month of June of every year. This event has a lot of cultures and you can expect shows, boot camps, garage sales, music, booths. and fun days. Costa Mesa is a great place to see markets and enjoy some culture.


Most of the city residents go to school away from the city but since the early beginnings the settlers went to school within the town and taught each other various things and ways of life. This was until schools emerged through the building of main roads and adapting culture of other towns. The city now has three high schools, nine elementary schools, three middle schools, and three colleges.


The government has played a major role in the city of fountain valley through the support funds and opening public schools and public hospitals, building major roads and ensuring law and order is maintained within the city.

According to the state legislature the city is in 34th district state, and is represented by a republican.

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The city of fountain valley has proved to many that with togetherness and a good vision, a city can rapidly grow and emerge to be among one of the best cities in the state. This city has beaten the odds and within only 50 years, has emerged as the best in infrastructure and growth. We can see also that the population grew rapidly due to rapid job employment and great living conditions that the land provided. We give many thanks to the government and to the people of fountain valley for believing in your city and working towards success.

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