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Top 5 things to do in Orange County

If you’re the type of person that likes all-terrain environments, then Orange County should definitely be on your bucket list of places to visit this year, if it isn’t already on there. Orange County has beaches, mountains, deserts and gorgeous weather all year round.

As if that weren’t enough to pique your interest, Orange County has more restaurants and malls than you could ever count in your lifetime. When you come to Orange County, you can count on having a great time whether you’re traveling alone or with your family and friends.

Here are just some of the many must see and do destinations in Orange County:

  1. Disneyland Disneyland Resort Orange County

When it comes to spoiling their local community, the folks at Orange County know how to excel. Disneyland attracts millions of visitors from around the world and provides arguably the best firework show in the world. Annual pass holders, are lucky enough to have Disney nearby to just hang out, eat, and be happy as a mouse.


  1. Crystal Cove State Park

    5 miles of beachfront excellence coupled with an envious beach weather all year round make Crystal Cove State Park one of OC’s must-go destinations. There are a wide selection of activities to choose from including boogie boarding on the beach, hiking, camping and even a stroll through the historic district which is located in a 12.3 acre coastal piece of land with cottages available for overnight rentals.

  2. Bear Flag Fish Co.

    At the heart of most successful relationships is good food. Maybe some don’t agree with that statement, but most of us can agree that eating good food is essential to maintaining a successful long term relationship. At Bear Flag Fish Co., the food is nothing short of fabulous and the friendly staff will keep you wanting to come back gfor more and more.

  3. The Ranch in Anaheim

    The Ranch Restaurant and Saloon offers everything from private dining to big gala events that is sure to please everyone’s appetite. You get exotic choices like mountain lamb (flown from Colorado!) to a world-class selection of fine wines. And if you get to the point of being induced into a food coma, worry not, there’s also plenty of dancing available to get you back on your feet.

  4. Fashion Island in Newport

    Orange County is home to a multitude of big box stores and retails outlets that will please even the most demanding of customers. Fashion Island offers an excellent selection of restaurants, outdoor walkways and a charming Mediterranean architecture. Fashion Island offers a refreshing open-air ambience and lively fountains that add to its aesthetic appeal.

From exquisite cuisines to beautiful beaches and a seemingly endless array of shopping malls, Orange County offers a premium level of entertainment seldom found anywhere else in the country. When you want to go for a vacation that create a memorable positive impression for years to come, Orange County has got what you are looking for and more.

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