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Orange County Wrongful Termination and Employment Lawyers

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If you have been let go from your job you may need to speak with our wrongful termination lawyer who specialize in employment law. We can give you a quick case evaluation to find out if you are entitled compensation for your claim.

There are many reasons why an employer may dismiss an employee but they need to adhere to local laws. At expert employment lawyers we represent employees who have been wrongfully terminated and can quickly get justice for your case.

California, is an at-will employment state, which means that an employer can terminate an employee’s services without cause. However, this does not mean that employers can terminate employees for whatever reasons they want.

Employers may not terminate employment for various protected reasons such as disability, age, religion, gender, race, or other protected statuses. Employees who have been terminated for the reasons listed can sue their former employer alleging wrongful termination.

Orange County is in California, which means that it adheres to the employment laws in California. All the grounds for filing a wrongful termination suit are the same in Orange County as they are in California.

Here are some of the reasons why you may need a wrongful termination lawyer in Orange County

1.    Discrimination

Employers are legally allowed to relieve employees of their jobs for no reason when employment is “at will”. However, it is against both state and federal laws to fire an employee simply because of their disability, age, sexual orientation, country of origin, ethnicity, religion, and/or race.

Proving discrimination is unfortunately quite challenging and complicated – especially considering that most cases boil down to the employee’s word against the employer’s story. It is thus important to engage the services of an Orange County wrongful termination lawyer to advocate your rights in a discrimination based wrongful termination lawsuit.

2.    Breach of Oral or Written Contracts

If an employer has entered into an oral or written contract with an employee for a term of employment, they are required by law to honor such contracts. Firing employees who are party to such contracts could constitute a breach of those contracts.

For example, an employer can enter into a contract with an employee stipulating that the employee is guaranteed a full-time job for a particular period of time. In case the employer decides to fire the employee before the lapsing of this period it is likely to result in a breach of the employment contract.

If you had entered into an employment contract but your employer has breached the terms of the contract and fired you, you need the services of a wrongful termination lawyer to help you fight for your rights.

3.    Retaliation Against Employees That Exercise Their Rights

Employees enjoy certain rights in the workplace such as the right to a safe work environment, the right to privacy, and the right to blow the whistle of the illegal activities of the employer. If an employee decides to exercise his or her right to report an employer for violating the law, it is unlawful for the employee to fire the employee for doing so.

In case an employer ignores this fact and fires he employee as retaliation for whistle blowing, the employee can engage the services of a wrongful termination lawyer and sue the employer for various damages.

4.    Firing Employees For Taking Legally Permitted Time Off Work

Employees are by law permitted to take time of work for military obligations, medical leave, and various other reasons. If an employee chooses to exercise this right and is fired for it, he or she can choose to sue the employer for wrongful termination. If you have been fired by your employer for taking legally permitted time of work, you should hire an Orange county wrongful termination lawyer.

5.    The Failure of the Employer To Follow Certain Procedures Before Firing An Employee

Some employers follow certain protocols when taking disciplinary actions against their employees before firing them. The procedures are usually detailed in employee handbooks or whatever the employer uses for keeping official records for the company’s rules, procedures, etc.

For instance, an employer may stipulate that as per the company’s policy, employees that violate the rules will first receive an oral warning, for subsequent violations, the employee may receive a written up warning, and may have a maximum of 2 chances to clean up his or her act before facing the possibility of getting fired.

With such disciplinary policies in place but employers still fail to follow them and instead prefer firing the employees without any warning or without taking any disciplinary action ahead of time, this could be grounds for a wrongful termination lawsuit against the employer.

Contact our wrongful dismissal attorney if your employer has violated your rights

California might be an at-will employment state but this does not grant employers the right to fire employees at will. This article has outlined the 5 main reasons why you may want to engage the services of an Orange County wrongful termination lawyer.

If you believe that your employment was wrongfully terminated, you need to contact an Orange County wrongful termination lawyer. The choice to work with a wrongful termination lawyer will give you the confidence that your claim will be handled with expert care and that everything possible will be done to ensure that your case is resolved as efficiently and favorably as possible.

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