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Our employment lawyers specialize in the following areas:

Wrongful termination

Your employer has to have a reasonable explanation if they terminate your employment. They must abide by California state law if they are letting go of employees. If you have recently been fired and are unsure if it was fair contact us today to discuss your options. Often your employer is liable for any unpaid wages. Read more..

Workplace Discrimination

Often our clients have been discriminated in the workplace. We have specialist discrimination lawyers to deal with your claim.

There are many different types of discrimination in the workplace. If you feel your employer has been prejudiced against you because of your race or have become pregnant we know the value of your claim. Employers have no right to be prejeduce against employees so we can help get what you deserve. Read more..

Wages Violations

If you have wage and hour claims or think you should start an unpaid overtime lawsuit speak with us today. Our firm specializes in recovering lost wages and have helped with many clients get their money back. If you need an unpaid overtime attorney your in the right place. Read more..