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    • Got issues with unpaid overtime or wage and hour pay? You may consider an unpaid overtime lawsuit to get what you are owed
  • Employment lawyers

    • We cover all areas of employment law. If you have been discriminated against or feel you have had employment discrimination contact us today.
  • Wrongful termination lawyers

    • Your employer must have just cause to terminate your employment. Our workplace lawyers know if your employer has followed the law when they terminated your job. Ask us for our advice now.

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Information about San Diego:

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The seventy mile long coastline in San Diego has beaches that are ideal for picnics, building sandcastles, surfing and swimming. La Jolla Shores is a family-friendly beach that has one of the safest beaches for younger children, due to its shallow waters and small waves.  If you want a beach that is packed with activities, Coronado Beach has a huge stretch of white sand where you can play volleyball, football and paddleball games.  Just off the shore you can go shopping and visit exclusive boutiques in the village.

San Diego Zoo is well worth a visit to observe a diverse range of wild animals, including species that are in danger of extinction.    Guided bus tours and aerial trams take you around the zoo, where you can see baby pandas, watch animal shows and have a look at the Australian outback exhibition.  The zoo is one of the main attractions in the area.

Torrey Pines State Reserve is located within the San Diego city limits, has eight miles of trails and is surrounded by pine trees.  With unspoiled beaches and a lagoon that is used by migrating birds, this area of beauty is great for hiking or viewing the surrounding panorama.  It is easy to see why this park is so popular with both tourists and native residents alike.

A rapidly expanding city, San Diego has a history steeped in naval bases and possesses one of the world’s most remarkable collections of historic ships.  Should you wish to find out more about the history of the Navy, take a look around the Maritime Museum of San Diego where you can find out about the world’s oldest, active ship ‘The Star of India’. 

Sea World in San Diego offers thrilling rides, exhibitions and shows such as the Shark Encounter and Turtle Reef.  As well as being a great place to visit, Sea World’s highly skilled team also rescues and rehabilitates sea creatures that need assistance.  Their aim is to help animals return to the wild and so far they have assisted 28,000 animals.

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If you are working for a company in San Diego and are struggling with discrimination or breach of pay issues, please feel free to contact our employment law experts in the area.    Call us now on (888) 558-5998 to receive professional and impartial advice regarding any employment law inquiry.

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